Windows Management Services

Getting professional support from experienced Windows / Hyper-V Server experts for you ASP.NET Hosting at a low cost.


Hyper-V Management Plan

Dedicated Server Management Plan





24x7x365 Support

Unlimited Manual Reboot

Hardware Replacement

Initial Software Install

IIS, FTP, SMTP, DNS, Helm, SQL Server, MySQL, PHP and Perl.

Operationg System Re-installation

Maximum five times per month, and $25/time for additional reloads.

VHD/Website/Database Restoration (VPS)

Maximum twice per month, and $25/time for additional restorations.

Website Upgrade (DNN, WordPress)

Maximum once per month, and $25/website for additional upgrades.

Windows Security Patch

We will install the patches and reboot the server once Microsoft releases them.

Proactive Monitoring

We will monitor the HTTP 80 port and Ping for the server at 10 minute intervals. When our monitoring service detects the problem, we will try to reboot the server and bring it online.

Software Upgrade

Software upgrade: Windows Server, Helm, SQL Server, MySQL, PHP and Perl.

Server Migration

Move the whole server data from one server to another server. Both servers must be hosted with us.

Server Troubleshooting

We will fix all the problems with IIS, FTP, SMTP, DNS, Helm, SQL Server, MySQL, PHP and Perl.

Hardware Firewall (Add-on)


Shared: $29.00/month
Dedicated: $99.00/month

Backup (Addon)


40GB Diskspace: $30.00/month
80GB Diskspace: $60.00/month
120GB Diskspace: $90.00/month
160GB Diskpace: $120.00/month

We will use Backup for Workgroups to backup all your server data to our remote data center servers twice per week. You can restore the backup files in your server at any time by yourself.


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